Points négatifs : "Everything", Points positifs : "The overall was good, the flight was on time" The one hour delay in the flight. Points négatifs : "Everything optimal", Points positifs : "Right price." Avec ses superbes plages et son climat chaud toute l’année, le Portugal est la destination idéale pour vos vacances. In the end we managed to get on the flight which seemed to have at least 4 extra empty seats. Amazingly consistent in this respect, but to their credit, you know what to expect. Vous trouverez plus d'informations ici.Les voyageurs arrivant aux Açores doivent présenter un certificat médical avec un résultat négatif au test PCR du COVID-19 effectué dans les 72 heures avant leur départ. ", Points positifs : "Le personnel, l'espace pour le sièges et l'avion en lui même" Ryanair et Transavia assurent des vols directs depuis Paris-Orly (ORY). Points négatifs : "Seats and legroom", Points négatifs : "Transa ia could start by respecting the law and actually enforcing car seats for small children instead of forbidding families to take their car seats in their airplanes. S’il attire surtout les visiteurs souhaitant profiter de ses villes côtières, le pays a bien d’autres atouts. Points négatifs : "Plus ou moins tout, et au moins donner un repas correct. It was very poorly disorganized and did not come into contact with one nice crew member", Points négatifs : "Was told I needed to check my bag when there was plenty of overhead space once we boarded the plane. On top of that, I paid an additional service fee by booking though FlightNetwork and they did not book my checked luggage like the price breakdown said. Selvom det er muligt at flyve direkte til alle tre lufthavne afhænger priser både af destination og årstid. Flight attendant didn’t serve the back half of then plane with drinks. Points négatifs : "Pas pu choisir mon siege", Points négatifs : "2h de retard au décollage et aucune communication. Points négatifs : "Terrible queues and no graciousness from easy jet. ", Points positifs : "La place pour les jambes" It's a true "Unicorn" for a lot of users. Points négatifs : "L'embarquement catastrophique. Points négatifs : "No problems", Points positifs : "Not full flight" The boarding team acted like it was their first day and did not know what they were doing. ", Points positifs : "A good range of cafes at Gatwick while my wife and I wait 7 hours at airport for next flight" Had to wait for an hour for baggage return. Du 31/03/2020 au 23/10/2021. ", Points positifs : "Personnel Horaire respecté", Points négatifs : "Décoller à l'heure...", Points positifs : "L’humour du personnel de bord et du commandant de bord . Points négatifs : "....", Points positifs : "Rien" Hope they contact me tomorrow since we are going to a wedding Sat and have zero clothes or toiletries. ", Points négatifs : "Flights notoriously late Staff useless Service inexistant No information provided Avoid Vueling", Points positifs : "Nothing" Every ticket is guaranteed to be genuine and get to you in time for the event. ", Points positifs : "Being able to check in quickly and weigh and tag my own luggage." Points négatifs : "Some turbulence and lack of communication between the crew and everyone else", Points positifs : "Trying to be the worlds worst airline. Points négatifs : "A little late to take off, the interior of Ryanair planes is perhaps the most visually offensive environment that I experience in my life. Lisbonne, capitale du Portugal est une ville littorale, située entre l'océan Atlantique à l'ouest et la mer de Paille à l'est. Points négatifs : "3 hour delay in both directions this week. ", Points positifs : "Départ et arrivée à l’heure promise" Réserver un billet de bus France Portugal . Personnel peu sympa, j'organise et aucune explication sur le retard. To make matters worse, once I was finally on the newly booked flight, I was not offered a single refreshment. Hospitality should be offered or something - very very poor. Par contre bonne info du pilote qui nous l’a signalé. Points négatifs : "Random seat allocation without additional payment, Split airport is small and cramped with lots of people sitting / lying on the floor due to lack of seats - they appear to be building a new terminal to upgrade this. La plupart des bars restent ouverts jusqu’à l’aube, promettant une soirée (très) animée…, Des plages bordées d’imposantes falaises aux criques reculées bouillonnantes de vie sauvage, vous trouverez forcément votre bonheur à Albufeira. International routes between France, The Netherlands, Belgium and Germany; High speed: up to 300 km/h (186 mph) Thalys trains connect some of the biggest cities in Europe via high-speed rail. ", Points positifs : "The inflight crew was very nice" Points négatifs : "The extra charges at EVERY turn on a hellish web site that makes you never fly again", Points positifs : "Le personnel correct. Points négatifs : "Embarquement encore une fois chaotique, encore une fois en retard (aller comme retour) et une politique de bagages à main aléatoire. Ils commentent au même temps et c’est vraiment impossible. Points négatifs : "Everything,flight was delayed an hour and we just had to sit on the plane for the hour with nothing said to us", Points négatifs : "Flight was delayed significantly with no communication", Points positifs : "Perfect timing." La plus grosse déception de ma vie", Points positifs : "I did like that the flight wasnt full" Points négatifs : "Le retard d’1h30", Points positifs : "Nice and cheap." Points négatifs : "The flight was delayed by 1hour and 45 minutes. Budget airlines should not equate to budget customer service. No time to take the food. Forced to rush and nearly miss flight despite being at airport well in advt", Points positifs : "Crew was great and the seats were very comfortable." En Espagne, les principales villes desservies sont Madrid, Vigo (Guixar) et San Sebastian. Points négatifs : "Gestion de l embarquement: 1h de retard et file d attente interminable a l embarquement car chgt d avion non communiqué", Points positifs : "The was not confortable" Transavia France, Ryanair et Azores Airlines proposent le plus de vols depuis la France pour le Portugal. I will be adding this entire booking as part of my fraud claim against Kayak, which will include costs incurred for the two additional bookings I had to make." Points négatifs : "The space between seats are small. Because of the number of artists that left their mark and the Revolution that served as a basis for universal values. ", Points positifs : "The flight was on time." Points négatifs : "Pas d’ecran Disponible pour regarder des films", Points positifs : "Petite Collation appréciable" Points négatifs : "During Boarding there were two entrances, from the front of the plane and from the back. Pouvez-vous vérifier et a l avenir être plus clair sur nos droits ou non aux bagages en soute ainsi que le prix du bagage sur votre site si vous le proposer et le prix au guichet . Les notes se basent sur les avis des utilisateurs KAYAK, Points positifs : "nothing - they misinformed me left and right so I couldnt make properly informed decisions and then denied me boarding and told me to pay for a new flight after having spent over 750 and 3 days 2 nights at the airport due to the mishaps." En me baladant pendant le vol. La solution proposé par Transavia, "racheté un billet"! twitter. Paris-Orly - Lisbonne - Humberto Delgado est l’itinéraire le plus populaire. If anything I want to make an official complaint on how poor the services were towards other passengers and us. No food, no beverages, and in fact, was actually ignored by the flight crew as they served everyone around me. Points négatifs : "Plane late Check in late What a joke first time flying with this joke company", Points positifs : "The staff" Points négatifs : "Nothing", Points positifs : "Staff friendly and helpful" We would have preferred a window but were in the middle 2 of 4. ", Points négatifs : "Big delay, poor information from staff. The Portuguese airline provides information on its fleet, offices, destinations, history and bookings, including a virtual auction. À l'arrivée, le décalage avec la France est de -1 heure. ", Points positifs : "Nothing stood out. Points négatifs : "Charles de Gaulle airport", Points négatifs : "Did not make my flight as the first flight was delayed over five hours. Points négatifs : "At 6 ft, I only had enough leg room when I moved to a seat which had a spare seat next to it, allowing me to swing my legs. The France-Spain high speed train network is the fastest and easiest way to travel internationally between Spain and France by rail. Points négatifs : "I'm not usually one to complain, but this situation was very difficult and even dangerous. I was delayed 3 hours first flight, 1.5 hours second flight after watching two flights that I “wasn’t allowed” to be on depart right in front of me at 9 and 10 instead of the 11 that they rebooked me on. Une station vivante et dynamique,…, Les soirées commencent tôt et finissent tard à Porto ! En dépit de nos demandes d’augmenration de la température en cabine et d’avoir au moins une couverture la température a été maintenue froide. Not sure why they always take passengers in an uncomfortable standing only zone and still make them wait. † Savings based on Train + Hotel package bookings on Eurostar.com when compared at the time of booking to the price of the same standalone train and standalone hotel booked separately on Eurostar.com. ", Points positifs : "Le personnel de bord était sympathique." Points négatifs : "I requested for assistance, for my little brother ( 1st time in Uk) Now this days they don’t got one because of Covid 19", Points positifs : "Arrival Gate position in Seville was perfect for a quick exit." Le personnel. Du 03/04/2021 au 02/01/2022. It is not straight forward, it is complicated and unclear. They left me stranded in a foreign country overnight with no accommodations and just complete and utter disregard for what had actually occurred. Selon les recherches de vols KAYAK, la destination la plus populaire est Lisbonne (47% du total des recherches pour le Portugal). Points négatifs : "Anything", Points positifs : "Because of the fire to the Notre Dame Cathedral, trains were not stopping on the route we needed to get to to the airport. Points négatifs : "staff that gives the correct information so u can properly plan for the check in and boarding procedures and compassion to advocate to let me onto the flight they made me jump thru hoops just to get onto. Not happy at all!!! In total we waited 8 hours. The airplane is still standing right there but they say we can't board as they have closed the doors. ", Points négatifs : "Aucun rappel du vol.aucin message d'alerte. ", Points positifs : "The crew were all friendly and welcoming" The marathon walk to the other end of the airport to board the plane. Arrivé a l'heure pour l'enregistrement, il y a eu une alerte au colis suspect, la zone est donc évacuée. Points négatifs : "Baggage check in online and at the desk in the airport makes me really stressed. ", Points positifs : "I got to my destination" Points négatifs : "Boarding process always painful. ", Points positifs : "Le prix La ponctualité L’equipage" Les étudiants doivent avoir le visa approprié et/ou être prêts à présenter une preuve d'inscription auprès d'un établissement d'enseignement portugais.Les ressortissants de pays tiers titulaires de permis de séjour ou de visas de résident de longue durée délivrés par les États membres de l'UE peuvent transiter par le Portugal pour retourner dans leur pays de résidence.Exigences d'entréeLes voyageurs entrant au Portugal depuis d'autres zones que celles indiquées plus haut (sauf ceux qui transitent simplement par le Portugal et ne quittent pas l'aéroport) doivent présenter un résultat de test COVID-19 négatif émis au cours des 72 dernières heures. Points négatifs : "Retard de l’équipage de 2h00", Points positifs : "The crew was personable. Stress of flying nowadays queueing luggage issues. Luggage Carousel kept changing. Points négatifs : "It was delayed by 30/40 minutes and the price was quite expensive (but that was probably my fault)", Points positifs : "The crew are so helpful and friendly" Les résidents de Madère et des Açores qui retournent chez eux devront passer un deuxième test COVID-19, 5 à 7 jours à compter de la date à laquelle ils ont été testés pour la première fois. Have to fill out forms on line that are more work than ideal ! Points négatifs : "Very basic comfort. Quel intérêt de payer des services inexistants.... Catarina Alves", Points positifs : "La disponibilité du personnel. Points négatifs : "Return flight - No announcement, departure board update, explanation or apology for the delay in flight departure. Points négatifs : "The boarding was very slow and to seat to small for me. Nothing is worth the money. Billet Box Edition 2020 by Billet Box Vapor: Rev.4B dna60 big screen. ", Points positifs : "6h30 de retard, 0 communication, connexion ratée, toujours dans la queue à Lisbonne pour savoir si on va avoir un hôtel pour ce soir." ", Points positifs : "Crew were fab." Their rules for checked baggage are ridiculous. Points négatifs : "Pas de retard !!! Buy and Sell Sports Tickets at TriTickets. Very much like the A330 plane." Points négatifs : "Delayed flight which lead to then sitting in the plane on the runway awaiting a time to take off. The seat in front was broken and kept collapsing on my legs", Points positifs : "Nothing" Plane got off late and had to circle upon arrival at Luton. I will never use this airline again", Points négatifs : "Luggage delivery in Porto was slow", Points positifs : "Nothing wouldn’t fly with them again" Points négatifs : "Never had to take a bus to and from plane, so that was different. Les autres destinations les plus populaires sont Porto (30%) et Funchal (10%).Les recherches de vols pour Faro (10%), pour Ponta Delgada (Açores) (10%) et pour Lajes (10%) sont aussi populaires. Aucun sens commercial. I not only had to purchase a new flight, but also a hotel room, a taxi to the hotel since the airport hotel was fully booked, a taxi back to the airport from the hotel, and another train ticket, in addition to the obvious necessities such as food and water. Promotion. ", Points positifs : "The crew were great and for the price reasonable value" This was my first time flying with Ryan Air and I was greatly disappointed. Paris - Lisbonne est l’itinéraire le plus populaire avec un temps de vol moyen de 2h 25min. Confusion over gates. Points négatifs : "Food", Points négatifs : "The flight was late. instagram. This includes Paris, Amsterdam, Brussels and Cologne. EasyJet turned my long 16-hour journey into an exhausting and overall miserable 72+ hour journey due to their complete insolence. ", Points positifs : "Overall ok experience" Il est ainsi possible de trouver un train depuis le Portugal vers l'Espagne et la France. ", Points positifs : "Clear communication about delays and boarding, comfortable seats, great service. Les trains internationaux de Trenhotel vous permettent de voyager vers l'Espagne et le sud de la France de nuit. Le billet d’avion aller-retour le moins cher trouvé pour cette route dans les dernières 72 heures s’élève à 47 €. No announcements made about delay. Almost missed our flight despite getting there 2.5 hours before boarding", Points positifs : "I got to my destination" Points négatifs : "Uncomfortable, no entertainment, have to pay for everything, arrived late, bathroom smelled like pee", Points positifs : "Équipage sympathique. A group of very rowdy passengers who showed zero consideration for their fellow passengers and whom the crew did little or nothing to restrain, other than confiscating a bottle of alcohol they carried on board. The secondflight was delayed due to “bad weather” and it was perfectly nice outside. Flew BA not long ago and remembered how nice a flight can actually be. Points négatifs : "Nothing to add here", Points négatifs : "We were delayed 5 hours, we arrived at 2pm and left Milan at 10.30pm! Points négatifs : "Rien vraiment toutcest bien passer dans l'ensemble", Points positifs : "Nice crew, tasty snack, new plane with comfortable seats" ", Points positifs : "Automated check in and bag drop, gate after the bridge, clean cabin" Points négatifs : "Boarding was slow. Food and drink options on flight mostly good though additional cost. Points négatifs : "The flight was delayed for an hour which made me late for where i needed to be", Points positifs : "the hospitality of the crew", Points positifs : "Comfortable seats" Points négatifs : "Nous sommes arrivé 15min avant le décollage et nous nous somme vu refuser l'embarquement. Difficile de gérer la correspondance. Découvrez comment voyager en train de la France au Portugal, et consultez les horaires et les prix des billets de train avec Trainline. Rip off. KAYAK parcourt des centaines de sites et vous aide à dénicher un billet pas cher et à trouver le vol qu’il vous faut. Passengers with higher seat numbers boarded through the font entrance. Portugal har tre store lufthavne placeret i Faro, Porto og Lissabon. Le principal aéroport est l’aéroport international de Lisbonne (LIS). ", Points positifs : "Price" Points négatifs : "We had a 3 hour delay! Looking for cheap flights from France to Portugal? The seats are never that comfortable for the whole journey. ", Points positifs : "Le sourire du personnel", Points positifs : "I appreciate that the flight time was short and we landed safely. Grâce à votre billet de train pour le Portugal, vous avez l'opportunité d'explorer les plages de l'Algarve, de vous émouvoir en écoutant un fado, de goûter à plusieurs recettes à base de morue salée ou de suivre la route des vins de l'Alentejo.Les principales gares du pays sont Braga, Porto, Coimbra, … Uggghhh" Le 25/06/2021 à 20:45. Portugal. L'annonce sonorisée n'a été faite qu'une seule vois, et on s'est trouvé comme les autres non prioritaires. Points négatifs : "Self Service Bag Drop at Luton Airport was really quick. C'est le cas pour l'itinéraire Porto - Vigo effectué par le train Celta. I initially paid $107 online to check my bag which was insane enough as is, but despite the fact that I had already purchased the extra large checked-bag option, I was charged an additional €80 at the airport since there was apparently no record of me purchasing the XL bag option (except for on my flight invoice as well as on my bank statement, of course). There was zero communication from the airline about this, and we'd appreciate if the airline could pay for our new airfare and our Uber ride from the train station to the airport. ", Points négatifs : "I arrived 13 hours late, had two extra flights. ", Points positifs : "Price" S’étalant le long de la côte atlantique, le Portugal offre des paysages marins et urbains à couper le souffle. ", Points positifs : "On time and that’s about it" I think TAP overbooked everyone and seated us on purpose. Vous souhaitez partir en train au Portugal pour vos prochaines vacances ? ", Points positifs : "Got the best fairs, had it booked well in advance No hassle" ", Points positifs : "Standard seat. Been told due to fog but other flights were leaving in the meantime! France is a true cultural beacon. ", Points positifs : "L'équipage était comme d'habitude, au top" Sélectionnez jusqu'à 3 aéroports de départ, Saisissez un emplacement pour afficher les aéroports à proximité, Sélectionnez jusqu'à 3 aéroports d'arrivée, Sélectionnez un aéroport dans le champ de recherche, 0 étudiant (âge : plus de 18 ans) sélectionné, 0 bébé/siège (moins de 2 ans) sélectionné, 0 bébé/genoux (moins de 2 ans) sélectionné. Comfortable during the flight. Points négatifs : "Cost of on-board food & drinks", Points positifs : "plane was quit new and seats were comfy." Là, vous serez idéalement placé pour sillonner la région viticole du Haut-Douro et son superbe panorama, visiter Guimarães, dont le centre historique est classé au Patrimoine mondial de l’UNESCO, et partir en randonnée dans le parc national de Peneda-Gerês. À leur arrivée, ils devront montrer la preuve d'un test COVID-19 négatif effectué dans les 72 heures avant leur arrivée, ou passer un test à leur arrivée et s'isoler dans leur logement en attendant les résultats. Neither airline ground personnel nor airport staff", Points positifs : "Pour ce vol Respect des horaires et bagages,personnel de bord très agréable" Achetez vos billets içi à Ticket Pad au meilleur prix! La haute saison est en janvier, novembre et décembre et janvier est le mois le moins cher pour partir pour le Portugal. Points négatifs : "Mon repas et celui de certains passagers venait d’une enseigne du lounge de l’aeroport Exki: un but de baguette dur comme pas possible donc je l’ai touché avec de la confiture, du beurre et un muffin pas du tout frais...", Points négatifs : "A little too warm but not unbearable. Would not recommend", Points positifs : "Finally arriving at London Gatwick." Points négatifs : "The only issue was they’re weren’t any outlets to charge your phone or laptop", Points positifs : "-" Staff is very poorly trained and just lacking in every regard, from those attending to baggage check to those supposedly assisting with customer service. Intercity (Intercidades) : ces trains régionaux desservent les grandes villes. Quelques années plus tard. ", Points positifs : "Everything was okay." I was told to get in line for boarding and then stood there another hour. ", Points positifs : "Amazing timely departure and super fast luggage!" ", Points positifs : "Bon vol bon pilotage plutôt confortable Proposition de boissons" Grâce aux compagnies aériennes low-cost, comme Vueling, Iberia, Easyjet, vous pouvez trouver des vols France Portugal … Passengers were called to board and left waiting in line for over an hour with zero communication as to why we were unable to board our plane. Je ne suis pas montrée à bord. 164 likes. Got home at 1 am. Poor communication throughout. Points négatifs : "Fast track inutilisable. We were told not to press call bell!! My earbuds are no expensive enough. ", Points positifs : "I absolutely loved it. Thought we had it all covered, but no! We were bussed to the front with seats at the back. Points négatifs : "Unfortunately there was a 45 minute delay before take-off", Points négatifs : "Terrible customer service. Paris-Orly - Lisbonne - Humberto Delgado est l’itinéraire le plus populaire. Pour découvrir la côte portugaise, la meilleure solution est de prendre un vol pour Lisbonne. The official website of Marc Rebillet. Points négatifs : "check in was a bit slow. They get my vote. La compagnie TAP Portugal est la seule à les relier à l’année via Lisbonne depuis Paris-Orly, Lyon (LYS), Nice (NCE), Marseille (MRS), Toulouse (TLS), Bordeaux (BOD) et Nantes (NTE). ", Points positifs : "Seats were clean" The flight was delayed almost 2 hours due to baggage issues while we sat on the plane. ", Points positifs : "." France Billet would take advantage of the knowhow and strength of the Fnac brand and CTS Eventim’s expertise and importance.” With turnover of nearly €7.5bn in 2018, Fnac Darty is France’s largest retailer of entertainment products, consumer electronics and household appliances. I ask you to check my booking please. Points négatifs : "Ils pourraient être à l'heure, au moins de temps en temps", Points positifs : "Nothing" Oh, also Ryanair staff seem like they’re recruited on their ability to be uncommunicative and not to care about it. SteelOrbis provides the latest longs and billet prices and price trends via the longs and billet price reports and market analyses listed below. Points négatifs : "Je n’ai pas apprécié comment une membre de l’équipage du nom de mercedes s’adresse aux clients d’un air hautin contrairement au reste de l’équipage . ", Points négatifs : "L'avion a eu deux heures de retard. Des vols directs avec Lisbonne et Porto existent depuis plusieurs villes françaises en plus de Paris, notamment Bordeaux (BOD), Lyon-Saint-Exupéry (LYS) et Marseille (MRS). OUI.sncf est le distributeur de voyages en ligne de la SNCF sur la France, l'Europe et le monde : préparez vos voyages, réservez vos billets de train et d'hôtel... Présentation et classement des offres sur le site www.oui.sncf, Droits des voyageurs ferroviaires et Règlement européen n°1371/2007. Points négatifs : "Onboard food quite expensive to buy. In total our flight was delayed by 90mins and now we have missed our coach for the last leg of the journey! I must be compensated", Points positifs : "Vueling is a horrendous company, delayed flights - very bad organisation", Points négatifs : "I fid not go to Amstredam because i lost my flight. Otherwise, even when sat quite upright my knees would've been against the seat. Purchase your plane ticket for more than 500 destinations worldwide. Points négatifs : "Repas pas top, pas de divertissement si ils ne sont pas télécharger en amont dans l’application. By far the worst experience I have ever had with any airline, ever. Truly horrible experience", Points positifs : "L’équipage était agréable, possibilité de changer de siège, arrivée rapide à Madrid." ", Points négatifs : "The USB chargers in my seat didn’t work, the coffee machine wasn’t working & boarding was a shambles. Noregiean airlines was late. Un vol direct depuis la France pour le Portugal dure en moyenne 3h 45min, parcourant une distance de 1593 km. When you buy our tickets through the online ticket office using Visa or Mastercard, you are making a transaction with 3-D Secure. Every time I fly with Easyjet", Points positifs : "Flight was exactly on time. Points négatifs : "Eased through security in Lisbon; only to be left standing for at least 40 mind; no announcement from staff. Sports Tickets. À…. News from the US, Europe, Asia Pacific, Africa, Middle East, America Also the ease." ). Only person to explain the situation during the 4hour delay" Au cours des 72 dernières heures, le billet d’avion le moins cher pour le Portugal depuis la France coûtait 8 € pour un aller simple et 17 € pour un aller-retour. 20 euro late fees. Arrivée à Casablanca 18h au lieu de 16h. ", Points positifs : "I would def use this airline again." ", Points positifs : "Tap est une tres bonne compagnie un des meilleurs en Europe"

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