The Bounty Hunter.
Then you watch it they have simply no chemistry and the film is so badly written it isn't funny. Starring: Jennifer Aniston, Gerard Butler, Jason Sudeikis. The story centers on a bounty hunter hired to retrieve his ex-wife, who has skipped bail. "The Bounty Hunter" tries to lasso an action thriller into a marital comedy about battling former spouses to the detriment of both story lines. 2010 PG-13 1h 50m Romantic Movies. Unlike mercenaries or assassins, who are hired or commissioned by the government to hunt down criminals, bounty hunters and bounty hunter groups operate completely independently, working outside the law to capture criminals. The film was released in the United States on March 19, 2010. For the right price, most bounty hunters had no morals and did everything for it. A bounty hunter in the Anoat sector. Though they play very minor roles in the movies, they play a major part in Star Wars history behind the scenes.

The bounty hunters of the Star Wars universe have proven to be some of the most interesting and intriguing characters, especially as we learn more about them. The Bounty Hunter is a 2010 American action comedy film directed by Andy Tennant, starring Jennifer Aniston and Gerard Butler.

Bounty hunter Milo Boyd finds his latest assignment downright satisfying as he learns that the bail-jumper he must chase down is his ex-wife, Nicole. Milo's ex-wife, Nicole Hurley (Aniston), is an investigative reporter. Okay The Bounty Hunter is a premise that shouldn't have been put to screen in the first place, but then you got Gerard Butler and Jennifer Aniston and you think maybe.

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A bounty hunter was an individual who could be hired to capture, hunt or eliminate a designated target if such target had a price or bounty on their heads that could be collected by the bounty hunter, either capturing or killing the target, depending on their clients' wishes.

Bounty hunters are people who make a living out of catching criminals for the bounty on their head. In the end, "The Bounty Hunter" is a forgettable film that offers no reward. The Bounty Hunter is a 2010 American action comedy film starring Jennifer Aniston and Gerard Butler.. Milo Boyd (Butler) is a former New York Police Department detective who works as a bail enforcement agent (bounty hunter).