Max was called upon to play the lead. Max Linder was born in Saint-Loubès, Gironde, France on December 16, 1883. Biography. His onscreen persona Max was one of the first recognizable recurring characters in Découvrez sa biographie, le détail de ses 18 ans de carrière et toute son actualité See more ideas about Silent film, Silent comedy and Actor. Max Linder (Saint-Loubès, 16 december 1883 – Paris, 31 October 1925) was a French actor. Gabriel-Maximilien Leuvielle, known as Max Linder, was a French actor, writer, comedian and screenwriter of the silent film era when dialogues could not be screened with the motion pictures. Max Linder, Actor: Seven Years Bad Luck. Max Linder has not shared about Max Linder's parent's name. Max Linder est un Acteur, Réalisateur, Scénariste français. When Linder had a near-fatal accident on the set, coupled with a spell of bad health, he had to be off of the screen for awhile, and explained his absence to his patient fans with his return vehicle, a documentary called 'Max Dans Sa Famille' (1911). Though largely forgotten today, Linder was once one of the most popular screen comedians, and widely regarded as the world's first recognizable screen character, a charming dapper dandy with a tall silk hat. Other articles where Max Linder is discussed: history of the motion picture: Pre-World War I European cinema: …Kops, while the immensely popular Max Linder created a comic persona that would deeply influence the work of Charlie Chaplin. Votes: 115 He was an actor, known for Casablanca... Born: May 19, 1890 Died: May 8, 1971 (age 80) Max Linder is one of the Richest Actor, who was born in French.

Because he often played truant at his local school, his parents sent Max away to a boarding school in Bordeaux, but even there he did not attend to his studies, preferring sports and the theater. Louis Joseph Gasnier (September 15, 1875 – February 15, 1963) was an American film director, producer, screenwriter and stage actor. Gabriel-Maximilien Leuvielle (16 December 1883 – 1 November 1925), known professionally as Max Linder (French: [maks lɛ̃.dɛʁ]), was a French actor, director, screenwriter, producer and comedian of the silent film era. La presse se fait l’écho de ce drame et dépeint alors un personnage sombre, sybillin.

consequence of his war service, Linder suffered from continuing health problems, including bouts of severe depression. Max Linder's behavior when he applied for a job as a Pathé Frères moving picture actor, was such a good joke on him that it was decided to make a film of the event, and accordingly.

The character Max was an immense success and the great inspiration for Charlie Chaplin. The sort of screening, though old fashioned, required immense talent to portray the plot of the movie without using sounds and vocals.

Max was... See full summary » Directors: Louis J. Gasnier, Max Linder | Stars: Max Linder, Georges Monca, Lucien Nonguet, Charles Pathé. Max Linder was born Gabriel-Maximilien Leuvielle in Gironde, France on December 16th, 1883 to a wine growing family. His actual name was Gabriel-Maximilien Leuvielle.

Acteur et réalisateur comique à succès, pionnier du septième art, Max Linder se donne la mort de façon tragique dans sa chambre d’hôtel en 1925, emportant avec lui sa jeune épouse. Le Max Linder, cinéma mythique des Grands Boulevards, est composé d'une salle unique de 580 places, réparties sur 3 niveaux et d'un écran incurvé de 107m² (16,00m x 6,70m) qui a fait sa réputation.