Les acteurs sont sympathiques et le scénario est très bon. Directed by Philippe Venault. Françoise est manucure dans un grand hôtel parisien, le "Paris Palace Hôtel". Paris, Palace Hôtel est une production franco-italienne réalisée par Henri Verneuil en 1956. Directed by Ewa Kruk.

Indian Palace/The Best Exotic Hotel Marigold s'impose comme un film drôle anglais aves des grands acteurs britanniques. With Wojciech Pokora, Jerzy Bonczak, Magdalena Cwen, Maciej Damiecki. This film is without words as it is usual for Tricicle, a Spanish group of comediants.
But an official in charge of health in the department of hostelery wants to close the hotel down. The Palace, a world-renowned hotel in St. Moritz, is preparing for the winter season under the guidance of its beautiful lady manager. Three young soldiers who participated in a military operation that went wrong, and where one of their comrades had been killed before their eyes, are placed in a luxury hotel to prevent a scandal. With Thierry Godard, Raphaëlle Agogué, Margot Bancilhon, Thomas Coumans. With Carles Sans, Joan Gràcia, Paco Mir, Jean Rochefort. A manicurist (Françoise Arnoul), who dreams of a wonderful Christmas in the four-star hotel where she works meets a mechanic who passes himself off as a wealthy owner of a shipyard … Directed by Emil Berna, Leonard Steckel.

With Paul Hubschmid, Käthe Gold, Anne-Marie Blanc, Claude Farell. The three sons of a hotel owner want to bring their Palace-Hotel back to the glamour of former times.