The Patty Duke Show (1963–1966) Cathy Lane, teen-aged daughter of a globe-trotting journalist, comes to live at the home of her uncle, a newspaper editor in New York City.

Curiously, Cathy is … Cathy Lane, teen-aged daughter of a globe-trotting journalist, comes to live at the home of her uncle, a newspaper editor in New York City. It's cool seeing Tina Louise before Dallas, as well as Donna Mills, but the story falls flat. But Duke is a great actress and manages to make … The Donna Reed Show remained on the air so long that the original children grew up. It was written by Sholom Secunda and Aaron Zeitlin and it was published in 1941.

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Directed by Dan Curtis. Terrible movie but great cast. 0. With Patty Duke, Jean Byron, William Schallert, Paul O'Keefe. 13 Vintage TV Books 1950s 1960s 1970s Mod Squad Lassie Donna Parker Dr Kildare Mission Impossible Patty Duke Bonanza Donna Parker I Spy SheBangArt 5 out of 5 stars (210) $ 33.00 Favorite No special features, just the 1976 TV movie. ... Patty Duke, the award-winning actress best known for playing cousins on her eponymous TV show in the passed away earlier today at the age of 69 On March 29

She also performed it at the time on The Ed Sullivan Show.

The Stones consist of loving homemaker Donna, her pediatrician husband Alex, and their children Mary and Jeff. Actress and performer Patty Duke covered "Dona, Dona" on her unreleased 1968 album Patty Duke Sings Folk Songs - Time To Move On for United Artists Records. Donna Donna Donna Donna Tu regretteras le temps Donna Donna Donna Donna Où tu étais un enfant Puis il a grandi, puis il est parti Et il a découvert la vie Les amours déçues, la faim et la peur Et souvent au fond de son cœur Il revoyait son enfance ... Dona Dona - Patty Duke. Fifteen year old tomboy Billie Carol, the younger of two daughters of Harding mayoral candidate Howard G. Carol and his wife Agnes Carol, is naturally athletic. Ray Milland also stands out. "Dona, Dona", sometimes spelled 'Donna, Donna' is a song that was originally written in the Yiddish language. Mary left for college in 1962 and Jeff did the same two seasons later. So, you get the impression that an older-than-baby boomer couple is having this baby. A private detective named Mark Higbie is on the trail of a murderer whose mutilated and predominantly male victims are found encased in silken cocoons. With Donna Reed, Paul Petersen, Carl Betz, Shelley Fabares. Patty Duke is good as Rosemary, but is only in the first few minutes. She attributes her speed to being able to hear what she calls "the beat": music she hears in her head, speeding up that music which makes her go faster in whatever activity. Anna Marie "Patty" Duke was an American actress of stage, film, and television. With Anthony Franciosa, Donna Mills, Patty Duke, June Lockhart. An 8-year-old orphan named Trisha was adopted by the Stones joined the cast in January of 1963 to maintain the "family" appeal of the series. Patty Duke Show Donna Douglas The Beverly Hillbillies A Moment To Remember Jethro Hillbilly Passed Away Old Hollywood American Actress Beverly Hillbillies star Donna Douglas, who played Elly May, … Storyline. Created by William Asher, Sidney Sheldon. It looked like a scene from a deranged horror movie: Dozens of Donna Reed clones — all wearing identical high heels, kitchen aprons, and pearl… And Cox looks much older than that. Curiously, Cathy is the spitting image of her uncle's daughter, Patty. First becoming famous as a child star, winning an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress at age 16 for the role of Helen Keller in The Miracle Worker, and later starring in her self-titled sitcom, The … Many situations arise like when they found a baby on their doorstep or take in a rebellious youth or when Donna tries to patch up marital spats among friends. One problem is that Patty Duke, who is about to be 54, doesn’t look 50.